Article: Requirement Specifications for a Project

Defining Requirement Specifiactions (RS) for a project is the right way to start a project. However big or small a project may be it is always good to have a well defined RS. This gives clarity and focus to the developers and all stakeholders. Most importantly one does not end up designing a table when actually what was required was a chair.

Some tips for a good RS document:-

1. Organization of the document is very important. All descriptive parts should be in one section. All specific requirements should be together in a separate section.

2. The specific requirements should target the developer as its audience. There should be no ambiguity in technical parameters. Specific limits of operation should be well defined. Development is about disciplined engineering. If specifications are left to interpretation by the developer, one usually ends up with a different product. Imagination is best left to the project's Architects. Developers need specifications and the RS should address this need.

3. User interface details should be well defined. These include LCD, LEDs, buzzers, keypads,etc. Quite often these are left till the end and then added as an after thought. This should not be the case.

4. The RS should be a detailed and comprehensive document. It is better to add the smallest details possible. Any questions related to the project should be answered by the RS.

A good Requirements Specification is half the work done !

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