Startup Product and Design Packages

Startup Product Package

Start Your Product Development The Right Way

Get the Most Important Steps of Product Development,Right,while designing your product.

- 1. Product Conceptualization
- 2. Product Specifications
- 3. Technical Feasibility & Technical Solution
- 4. Market Reality Check
- 5. Selection of The Right Platform
- 6. Product Costing

At the end of this exercise you will Get the Following Results:-

- 1. Clear view of Product Features
- 2. Estimate of How much it may cost to develop the Product
- 3. Comparison with Similar Products in the Market
- 4. Technical Parameters of the Product

Get your Idea from Prototype to Product.

The Startup Product Package will help you reduce cost of development, and develop a Market ready, Technically feasible Product.

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Startup Design Package.

Experience cost savings in Product development.

Benefit from shorter design life-cycles.

Design Support All Year Long

Avail support Whenever You Need It the Most.

Don't let Technical Problems Stall your development for days and weeks.

Use our team of experts to Solve Problems and speed up Development.


The Special Design Support Packages,provide timely design support through email, phone or on-line conferencing.

These packages give you an opportunity to access design support and gain from our expertise in product design.

TL Micro has experienced professionals with expertise and practical knowledge of Embedded Systems and Product Design. This experience can be used by designers working on their own projects to achieve results faster.

It is often the case that a project is unable to progress due to some bottleneck or critical problem. Even days of spending time on the issue does not give the solution.This is where our support packages can help.

The advantage of support package is that design support is not limited to any one project. A wide variety of issues can be solved over a short period of time.

Areas where our experts can help:-

1. Solve Technical Bottlenecks
2. Component Selection
3. Hardware Interfacing
4. Schematic Review
5. PCB design issues
6. EMI/EMC issues
7. Code Review
8. System Architecture
9. Memory issues
10. Digital Design
11. Analog Design
12. Board Bring Up and BSP
13. OS selection and porting
14. GUI and HMI

Get your own Design Package, Specially Tailored to suit your Unique needs.

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