Product Design

Analysis, Design, Development, Testing, Debugging and Troubleshooting of embedded systems.

All phases of System Development, including requirements analysis, design specifications, detailed software design documentation, software development, testing and debugging of software and hardware.

Hardware Design and Prototype Development.

Embedded Software Development.

Application Software for different operating systems

BSPs and Device Driver development for 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit Microcontrollers and Microprocessors.

Android,Linux and Embedded Linux based platforms, with support for GUI and HMI.

Project Maintenance and Complete Life Cycle Support.

Some of Our Work

Embedded for Industrial Automation

TL Micro Embedded Division specializes in developing products used for Industrial Automation.Our domain knowledge and experience of Industrial field conditions is reflected in our design.

Our experience includes design and development of PLCs,Custom Control Units,communication devices,timers,relay boards,signal repeaters,signal converters, HMI and Data Acquisition Systems.

Our knowledge of Industry standards and protocols like MODBUS,CAN etc, helps us design systems suited for the environment they are meant to operate in.Ruggedization is one of the services we offer.

Use our services to design rugged industrial systems with low down times.

PC based Data Acquisition Systems (DAS)

Embedded systems division also develops custom software to be used with PC based data acquisition hardware.Signals can be acquired from a wide variety of sensors.Automated sequences can be programmed to run.Data can be presented in the form of custom reports.

These Data Acquisition Systems are ideal for Industrial Test Benches and Test Rigs.

Embedded for Automotive Systems

TL Micro Embedded Division has professionals with years of experience in the Automotive domain.Our knowledge of automotive systems,sensors and operating conditions helps us design for this domain.

We have designed ECUs,data loggers,programmers,diagnostic systems,and also implemented a variety of protocols.Our knowledge of CAN and CAN tools helps us integrate systems into the vehicle.We are also capable of developing GPS and GPRS based devices for vehicles.

We have experience in development and maintenance of automotive projects with large code size, design complexity and also typical development cycles ranging from 1 to 3 years.

Our hardware design takes care of the operating conditions like temperature,humidity,dust and most importantly vibration.EMI/EMC is an important design consideration.

Use our services to design automotive products.We provide complete support from initial stages, upto test builds and finally vehicle integration and production rollout.

Vehicle Test Systems

TL Micro develops systems which can be used to test various components of the vehicle. Systems include Data Acquisition Hardware and Software which is customized for each application.

Typically these systems can be integrated into production lines to test vehicle electronics before roll out.


RF Modules

RF modules have been developed for both 865MHz as well as 2.4 GHz frequencies. These modules can implement custom protocols for point to point communication between devices, machines and other equipment. Data can be encrypted for protection. Modules are capable of sending data over various serial interfaces for seamless integration with different systems.

Wireless Modules implementing standard protocols

Wireless Modules have been developed which are capable of communication using common standard wireless protocols. These modules can be used for easy transformation of wired systems to wireless systems. Use of standard protocols ensures connectability with large number of commercially available devices.


TL Micro has designed products used as Human Machine Interface or augmentative displays for Industrial, Commercial as well as Automotive applications. These displays support high end graphics libraries capable of delivering high resolution and highly customizable graphics. Many display elements used in target environments are available.

These displays are lightweight and compact. Displays can be mounted using multiple methods. Rugged displays have been developed for harsh operating environments. Displays support many communication interfaces, and have options for Data Storage. Displays are capable of operating in Stand Alone mode or as a part of a larger network of interconnected modules.

Displays for commercial environments have been designed. These are capable of machine control as well as audio/video playback. These are low cost units developed specifically for commercial environments, supporting rich look and feel of graphics and retail customer oriented User Interfaces.


TL Micro has developed data loggers for Industrial as well as Automotive environments. These loggers are used to test and record system performance data over long intervals of time. Dataloggers support wired as well as wireless interfaces. Multiple protocols are also supported. Serial interfaces are available for access to onboard data. Data protection and encryption is available.

Data can be stored onboard over large expandable device interfaces, or on remote servers over a network. Data security and redundant data storage modes are supported. Software supports graphical representation and operation on stored data or on real time data.


TL Micro has developed various types of communication modules. Modules act as high speed to low speed data bridges. Modules can also act as protocol to protocol bridges. Wired and wireless connectivity is supported. Modules also support multiple , redundant channels for data communication. There is support for data security, storage and encryption.

Smart-Phones for Automation

TL Micro Embedded Division develops smart-phone based applications for automation of systems. Applications are also capable of connecting with existing systems, by using a special interface developed by us.

We have designed apps,providing user interfaces on smart-phone for monitoring,diagnosing or controlling systems.

Industrial Machine Control

Upgrade your old machines with a Smart Interface which can be controlled via smart phone. This is especially useful for legacy machines which have old and crude user interfaces. Enables easy diagnostics, status updates and configuration. Also enables maintanence and update of user logs, which can capture machine data, like hours of use etc.