Product Development & Design

What We Do

Complete Product Development

TL Micro works with individuals and companies developing Electronic products. We are a One Stop Shop , for all your Engineering needs in the field of Electronic Product Design. Our experience with all aspects of product design helps Go To Market quickly and efficiently.

We offer solutions for Electronic Products used in Industry, Automotive,Electric Vehicle Systems, Consumer Applications, Wireless Applications and IOT.

Our motto "Let's Get It Working" gives us the direction to develop Feasible, Practical and Sell-able products, incorporating the Latest Technology, and Innovation.

From Idea to Prototype to Product.Get full support for the following:-

Enclosure Design Component Selection
Electronic Hardware Embedded Software
Prototype Development Production Management
Documentation Maintenance


We work with the platform of your choice. We have experience with all major micro-controllers and microprocessors available in the market, including 8,16,32 bit and ARM core based systems. We also work on Android,Linux and Embedded Linux based platforms, with support for GUI and HMI.

We develop smart phone based applications for wireless control of systems

As design consultants we can help you select the correct hardware for your product.Choosing the correct Hardware takes up at least half the effort required for successful product development.Wrong selection leads to expensive failures.

We help with Selection of micro-controller,and other peripheral ICs,drivers,connectors, isolators,voltage regulators,power supplies and other components.

Selection of software components,RTOS,development tools,GUI packages,BSPs.

Software Architecture and High Level design

Coding in C and assembly.

Use our expertise to overcome project delays.

Use our services for Complete Product Development.